All about Marie Schulte…

Marie graduated from Kansas State University with her degree in Sociology in 2003.
She is currently attending the University of Saint Mary in Overland Park working on her dual Master's degree in Psychology and Counseling Psychology.
Marie graduated from the Martha Beck life coaching program.

Marie specializes in treating out of control sexual behavior. She specializes in sex addiction. She has worked with men and women who struggle with sex addiction.

For the past 20 years, she has worked in the healing arts as a therapist.
Marie enjoys traveling adventures around the world. Each year she goes snow skiing with her family in Colorado.
She and her family go on bike rides and hiking adventures.
She has a passion for learning and enjoys spending time reading new books.

She has one daughter, Marianna who is the force behind her aggrandizement growth as a woman and coach.

To set up an appointment with Marie, call (913) 744-1709
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