Sling Shot: Win in 2018!

2017 was a heavy year, but, 2017 was the year finished what I had set into motion in 2015. In 2015 I left a relationship where I had become a dependent and had to figure out how to become independent again. It was pretty messy since so much of my life was intertwined, but it […]

One of the best words you can ever say

One of the best words you can learn to say is ‘No’.  How can you be comfortable saying the word no? Many of us have the Disease to Please, we are people pleasers by nature.  We don’t want to hurt people’s feeling because then we feel bad and that’s no fun.  You need to put […]

Your Updated Self

What? Want to feel better about yourself but don’t know how? Anything you want to change, takes time, effort and practice.  It’s a gradual change that you grow into.  As you become the new you, the updated version of better you. Raise your self-esteem. What you most want from others, give to yourself.  Do you […]

How do deal with people?

After spending an hour with my mother, I was inspired to write this article.  She has challenged me like no other!  Rather than leaving our visit frustrated and discouraged, I left with an inspired desire to learn how to connect with somebody so close, yet so different than myself.  We all want to be liked, […]


What is Tapping? What is ETF?

EFT is a technique that works for emotional healing and transformation. It combines Ancient Chinese Acupressure points and Psychological tapping to heal your life. This is a technique I use to help my clients clear emotional issues.

How does tapping work?

When you tap on specific points on your body, say specific statements to yourself outload. An example would be, “Even though I am nervous to talk in front of 100 people, I will go there and be ok.

EFT tapping points on End points of Chinese Meridian

The Chinese Acupressure points are:

1. First is the Karate chop point first.
2. Second is the top of the head.
3. Third is the top of the eyebrow.
4. Fourth is the side of the eye.
5. Fifth is under the eye.
6. Sixth is under the nose.
7. Seventh is the chin.
8. Eighth is the collarbone.
9. Ninth is the under arm.

While taping on the trigger points, make one specific statement outload. It is more effective when using one statement versus multiple statements.

For an example say, “Even though I have this nervous feeling to speak in front of 100 people, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway.” You repeat this phrase at lease three times. Or as many as you need to resolve the issue. This is a very basic tool, but works well and is effective.


There is scientific evidence that this nine step sequence works. While tapping keep focused on your issue. The best way to do it is to say the statement outload. “In recent years however, there’s been a growing pool of undeniable research that proves what millions of people all over the world have known for some time now: that EFT produces real, lasting breakthroughs and significantly improves or even eliminates conations that hospital treatments, medication and years of psychotherapy often fail to.” While tapping and focusing on your negative or nervous emotion, you can transform this feeling while staying your statements out loud and dissolving negative feelings. They will be not active in the body anymore. This tool reduces your suffering dramatically.

Unlock your triggers…

Do you know what a trigger is? A trigger is when something happens in life and you start to feel off center.  You find yourself feeling anxious, depressed, guilty or shameful.  As adults we can become triggered by experiences that are reminiscent of an old painful experience. This can be from childhood, or after you […]

Time to Juice!

Doing a juice cleanse helps to unleash the natural healing power of your body by riding its self of built up toxins. This gives the digestive system a brake from processing the heavy proteins and the fat, in addition to filtering the liver, kidneys and gall bladder.  The result is clean energy and a powerful […]

Relationship killers

Being in a relationship with the one you love is a wonderful experience.  Sometimes when we become upset, we say things we do not mean to our lovers.  This is where self discipline and self control comes in.  Written below I have a few ways to help you not bring damage to the relationship. When […]