Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is a life Coach?

A life coach is a person who asks who are you and what do you want? Coaches ask you to be more than you thought you could be on your own.  We have the tools and the training to help get you where you want to go.  Life coaching helps you to focus and gain clarity in your life to produce results more quickly.  Life Coaching is done over the phone or in person.


2. How does this process work?

When you come to a ‘roadblock’, when you feel stuck,  is where we work.  Changing takes time and it works.  Together Marie and you will move through the ‘rocky paths’ of your life, addressing the issues that are causing pain and discomfort.  You will transform yourself to take your life to the place where you want to go. You and Marie work through and dissolve self limiting beliefs which hold you back!


3. Who are you?

You are someone who wants to live their best, make a lifestyle change, to have more fulfillment in life. Coaching gives you a place to figure out: what is not working in your life, how to make life work better for you.  How to stay on top of your world?  Marie’s  job is to coach you until you become the best version of yourself. Be the happiest and healthiest version.  You deserve the best. With Marie, you build a close coaching relationship together. Taking the next step into the next phase of life.


4. What do we do in coaching?

You work on eliminating toxic people, toxic emotions, and unhealthy situations from your life.  We call it “cleaning up your life”,  so you can live a more stress free existence. As you become aligned you feel more free, peaceful and alive!

In coaching we create a plan of action for each goal you want to achieve.  We brake it down into manageable steps and figure out the road blocks that are keeping you stuck. Marie hold’s you accountable while you are doing the difficult work.

We see what thoughts are outdated, we question what old stories do you need to let go of? You are in coaching to reprogram your mind. When you develop a new way of thinking, you are actually creating new neurons, and new connections in your brain tissue. The new you shines through.


5. What is the basic philosophy of coaching?

To eliminate suffering and stress.  Bring order into your life. To transform you back to your Original Self. For you to shine.


6. Who hires a Coach and why?

You hire Marie because:

1. You want to clean up your life.
2. You want to organize your life with the highest priorities on top.
3. You want to grow through clarity, integrity, and healthy intention.
4. You want to create your life with integrity and live in truth.
5. You want to build closer relationships with people and grow in inner strength.


7. What happens when you hire Marie?

1. You design and create your life you desire.
2. You take yourself and others more lightly.
3. You take more effective and focused actions immediately, fulfill your obligations.
4. You stop struggling with what is dragging you down, not let things hold you back.
5. You create a flow of energy where it is easier to have the intended results.
6. You let go of fears and work towards being a successful person.



8. Do I work on personal goals or business/professional goals?

In Coaching we work on both. Coaches are trained to work on all aspects of you and your life.  Coaches are professionally trained with the tools we need to go through the process.


9. Why does coaching work?

You develop new skills and learn new behaviors of dealing with people and yourself.  Your goals are set and tools are used to attain what you need to forward you to your better self where you have a deeper peace and more fulfillment.


10. What else do you work on?

Empathy, Law of Attraction and Spirituality; many people are now willing to look at, and consider, the notion of  spirituality; the power of now and the underlying connection between us, other people and our environment. Tools to learn how to manifest what you want.


9. Please, give me some context about coaching…

Coaches take the time to find out what life means to you.  Marie is your partner in moving toward the life you most want. She is someone who holds you accountable, to make sure you live to your full potential.

No matter where you are in life, there is almost always an aspiration to attain something greater;  closer relationships, a deeper feeling of connection and contentment in life. The nature of people to want to attain something ‘better’, understand our life situation, become more.  We are challenged to define what it is we really want and how to create what we’re really looking for. A good coach takes you in new directions and open new doors that you may not have considered before; personally, physically and spiritually.

Most people believe that “hard work and doing it on your own” are the keys to finding the life, success, money, or happiness they seek. They believe that a price must be paid to attain what they want, and often that price is poor health, not having enough time to enjoy life, strained family relationships.

Athletes and performers know about coaching. They know they need someone else, a trained someone else to help them set goals, discover real desires, and effectively move toward ultimate attainment of excellence. So, they are willing to hire a coach or a teacher. No serious athlete or musician would expect to progress very far without one.


10. What if I’m already doing well in my life? Why would I need a coach?

We look at what you are tolerating in your life and what things are draining your energy?

Is life difficult? Are you free of addictions? Peaceful? Organized? Do you have fulfilling relationships? I’ve discovered that, often, people want something deeper, more complete in their lives.


11. Can a dependency be created between you your coach?

No. You may “need” a coach  to accelerate your progress, yet not be “dependent” on Marie. Anyone who’s working on major changes “needs” structure, advice and support, having a coach is certainly helpful, but an emotional, psychological dependency is not created. Marie is helping you to create a better life: deeper fulfillment, integrity, freedom, creativity, and a higher quality of life.


12. Can coaching hurt someone?

No. Remember, coaches aren’t doing psychological work. They’re not trying to control your thinking.


13. Can I hire you just for a short-term, special project?

Yes. Marie can help you accomplish specific goals.


14. How long must I commit if I start working with you?

Most clients Marie works with is for a year.  She asks for a three to six month commitment; however you’re free to stop at anytime if coaching is not working for you.  Meeting once a week or once every other week is acceptable.


15. What does it cost to hire you?


Single Discovery Sessions are $100.  Sessions range from 50 to 60 minutes in length.  Here we discover how we can best can work together for you to secure what you need.  Marie also offers multiple session packages.