Fight The Good Fight

We all have a fight going on in our lives. No matter where you are, good or bad, happy or sad, each one of us is facing a fight. You must fight the good fight with faith. The outcome of the fight is connected to what you say. Only say the right things. You will have what you say. Speak your truth, stand up for yourself, stand up to your bullies. When someone says something against you that is wrong, and then they get mad at you because you don’t agree with them putting you down. Just stand up and tell them, “I’m going to make it.” Talk right. Confess right and then you heal from sickness.

The only good fight is when you win. A good win comes out of a good fight and a good confession. You will have what you say. It’s going to be a good fight today, but the devil don’t know it. Say, “I can do this.” Everyone is fighting a fight. You may be fighting for your marriage, your family, you’re home…. to go back to school. You might be fighting to keep what you have. Do not have doubt. Doubt does not win. Do reason. Satin is a master negotiator. Do not negotiate. Simply state what the deal is going to be. You tell the other person what you want and that is all you have to say. Know who you are and what you say will be the outcome of your fight. Say it with a good confession.

If you are depressed, it’s to what you have been saying. Do not give negative words power. Do not bring them to life. Let negative words and thought forms die. Do not let them have power.

Do the right thing. Always do the right thing. Try your best to learn from other people’s mistakes. However, if someone talks down to you, challenges you, threatens you, if a person threatens to take from you what is yours, stand up to your bully, and do not back down. Stand in His glory, for He is the only judge of you. Do not be lazy. Go out and start it and do it today. Fight the good fight and fight to win. Stand up to your bullies, yes, even the bullies may be your own family members, but if you don’t stand up for yourself, who will? Stand up, stand tall, and make a good confession with your good fight and win.

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