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“Since receiving life coaching from Marie for the past two and a half months, I have seen and experienced tremendous change in my life, both internally and externally. At the time I began life coaching with her, my relationships were unsatisfactory, I felt overwhelmed with the stresses of life, alone, and overburdened with overwork. After our initial assessment and consequent follow up weekly sessions specifically tailored to my needs and current growth, my life started to change in ways I could not have foreseen.

Marie offers intuitive and insightful guidance. Her practice is based upon decades of self study and formal study under reputable and inspiring leaders. She is very caring, professional, and has an intuitive understanding of what her clients need. Her dedication is paramount and I feel extremely grateful for her coaching and guidance. Whether you are feeling lost and stuck or unfulfilled in any area of your life, I have witnessed Marie's skill in listening, asking the right questions and ultimately leading one back to their true path; one filled with joy, abundance, and inner peace. For all of these reasons and so much more, I highly recommend her and commend her great capacity as an amazing life coach 🙂 Thank you Marie for being the awesome you that you are!"Elesha B. -Client
"I am a work at home equity trader in a somewhat stressful business. I had been looking for a professional in the Lenexa Overland Park Area to help with some of the stress and anxiety that comes with the Job. I had read a few reviews about Marie's business and back 18 months ago I called and made the appointment. I have not stopped since.

During my appointments Marie and I started talking about life issue’s and as things came into my life unexpectedly I would chat with Marie about these issues as I worked from home and liked to have a person I could vent to. She became a very good listener and would encourage me to work on these issues. I remember a few of our conversations she would already know how to diagnose and fix the issue I was having before I could get done explaining to her the whole situation. I was very amazed at her abilities.

At some point during these past 18 months Marie at one of our appointments had mentioned to me Life coaching and how so very interested she was in pursuing a new career in this field. Marie would bubble with enthusiasm as she explained it to me and how we had been doing it for some time. It was obvious to me and my family that it was working as I was a changed man. I had a whole new outlook on life and was dealing with the day to day stresses in a much more productive way. All through Marie’s Life coaching!

Marie is an energetic caring person with a way of reaching inside of you and bringing out things reworking them and putting them back in a fashion that is much more productive for you. With her psychology degree and now training in the Life Coaching from Martha Beck, Marie will make herself a major asset to any needs you have in making your life, relationships, or any other life dealing issues much easier and productive to deal with. I would highly recommend Marie." Randy F. -President
"I had the pleasure of meeting Marie at a networking event a few months ago. I had been increasingly discouraged about how heavy I was becoming, and it’s negative effect on my overall health and well-being. I knew I wanted to do something about it, but I hadn’t decisively taken action. When I discovered that she was a life coach who’d helped many others with life changes, including weight loss, I made sure to speak with her after the meeting. Quickly, I realized that she could help me through this journey, and I made an appointment. I have had a couple of coaching sessions now, and have lost about 20 pounds so far. Marie is easy going and quite personable. She puts you at ease, and challenges you to expand your mind. She encourages me, and we are able to keep in contact via text messages. I am very happy to have met her, and am excited for a healthier, lighter me! I would highly recommend Marie as your life coach!" John R.
testimonials_icon1"Marie Shulte exudes positive energy. She inspires you with her never ending positive outlooks on life and her ability to give sincere encouragement so that you shed off your own negativity and doubts in order for you to find your true life path again."
Robin T. -French Art Teacher
Having Marie as my business coach is a solid investment for me. -Abdul, Dairy Queen Franchise Owner
testimonials_icon1I started doing life coaching with Marie thinking that it would be interesting, but wasn't sure I had much need or use for it. I was wrong. It's more than just the process - Marie knows how to listen and when to interject and ask questions, how much to prod you along and get you thinking in certain directions. She's also genuinely interested in your own approaches and is skillful at helping you weave those together and into her overall plan.

The main thing, to me, is that she obviously cares about you and your problems and triumphs - no matter how big or small. None of this would be possible if I didn't feel I could trust her with everything; that's a rare quality in a person, and she has it in spades. - John P; IT Professional
testimonials_icon1 “Marie knows how to hit the hot buttons. She understands what motivates people. A very good listener, she brings out the best of me and helps bring clarity to whatever I am going through at the time. I have been coming to see her for 6 years, and she has been a strong sound board for me."
Pat Dubbert -CEO

testimonials_icon1Had a therapy session with Life Coach Marie today. It exceeded my expectations. She is insightful, knowledgeable and intuitive. She gave me great ideas to incorporate in my personal life. I highly recommend making your appointment with her!!!! -Larry Bell

testimonials_icon1 “We invited Life Coach Marie to come in and work with our sales team. She came in and helped our members set and achieve work goals. We did some group excesses and used some of her coaching tools to help hit our goal targets. She also worked one on one with myself and others to as personal life coach. Coaching with Marie helped me to gain clarity and insight into the personal issues in my life. Her coaching also helped me to deal with my heavy issues to make my life lighter."
Paul Doron District Sales Manager for Home Depot Kansas City and Lenexa
testimonials_icon1Having Marie as a Life Coach has been a personal rewarding experience. Marie is professional kind and thought-provoking. She is goal oriented and follows up with you on your progress on obtaining your goals. Marie is not a stickler on time, when you're in session and you have things you are talking about you take the time to finish. If you're thinking about getting a Life Coach then you've probably already answered your own question that you know you need one, and Marie is a great coach! -Wayland Security Officer and Home Remodeler