The Soulful Career Manifesting Your Life’s Work to You!

How to get the job of your desire and what YOU need to do to make it happen…

By Marie Schulte

To  Jessica Schulte…this one is for you dear!

To get what you want is more of a mental exercise than anything else. You must feel it first to attract it to you.  When you go waling through the day as if you already have what you want, you must believe it to be true.  When you practice this mental exercise, you will attract your dream career to you faster.  Let’s start with what you most want.  Keep this simple so we remain clear about what you really desire.

Write this down:

1. What are your good qualities you possess that you will bring to the job?

Please list a dozen here…

2. What are you qualities that you can change to step into the role you would like to lead?

Please list a dozen here….

3. What is Unique about you?

Again, list here….

4.  What will you do in your new job?

List here please….

5. What won’t you do in your work?

List here….

6. What kind of job do you seek?

Describe here….

7. What job do you not want?

Please describe….

8. What job can you live with but don’t want?

List here….

Now keep this list with you at your desk and modify it as necessary.  Believe this to be true to attract it to you! Let’s see what happens..

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My Best,

Marie (913) 744-1709

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