Unlock your triggers…

lcm_fruitheartDo you know what a trigger is? A trigger is when something happens in life and you start to feel off center.  You find yourself feeling anxious, depressed, guilty or shameful.  As adults we can become triggered by experiences that are reminiscent of an old painful experience. This can be from childhood, or after you experience a trauma in your life as an adult.  Becoming aware of the trigger, and the pain, you can stop engaging in unhealthy behaviors.   A trigger gives you the insight to know yourself better and heal from the traumatic experience.  Learning to live in a way where you cope and deal with the pain is key is healing.

How do you heal from the trauma so you no longer have triggers?

When you expose yourself to the events that stress you out and trigger you you can start to apply facts to the situation.  Each time you expose yourself, you help to heal from the traumatic event.  The key is to watch yourself and your reaction to the emotions that are trigging you.  When you declare your needs to other person and let them know what we need from them, we become clear as to what we want.   This takes a good amount of nerve and strength to confront a difficult problem with another person.

When we hope events would have unfolded as the way we had planned, we see life more objectively.  We become honest about what our needs are. We can stop telling ourselves lies and rid ourselves from unhealthy behaviors. You can then ask for what you need, or let it go and move on.  It is good to have a good friend to call and talk to or a life coach when you are being triggered to calm you down and sort through your thoughts. Then you must have patience to wait and get what you want after you ask for what is needed.

Some triggers can be:

Feeling like you have been taken advantage of, not being herd, being disrespected, or your opinion not valued.  Challenge yourself to let the other person know how you feel. It takes some time and effort but it’s well worth it to get the result you want and change the unhealthy behavior pattern.  Brake the old pattern and create a new pattern of behavior.

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