Time to Juice!


Doing a juice cleanse helps to unleash the natural healing power of your body by riding its self of built up toxins. This gives the digestive system a brake from processing the heavy proteins and the fat, in addition to filtering the liver, kidneys and gall bladder.  The result is clean energy and a powerful release of toxins.  The cleanse will leave you energized, balance and focused.  Helps to promote healthy and improved sleep patterns and curbs sugar cravings. This might be the first step toward long-lasting lifestyle change or jump starting a weight-loss regimen by helping to retrain your taste buds.


Some signs that it is time to go on a cleanse are: Troubled skin. Allergies. Sleeplessness. Poor digestion, poor concertation. Low energy. Feeling blah. Sadness and anger. Depression. Weight gain.


A juice cleanse helps the body to naturally go into detox mode while fueling the body with live enzymes and nutrients.  This is a special treat for the body, the ultimate indulgence and purification.  Our bodies spend an enormous amounts of energy in constant strain of digestion. As we live, breath, and eat, we accumulate toxins in the body.  It is important to take time to release ourselves of these toxins, as they can lead to mental and physical imbalances.  To get back into balance and into shape, a juice cleanse is recommended.


When we take time to stop eating solid food, our organs and guts are free to redirect blood and energy to the liver, skin, brain, heart, stomach and other neglected areas.  This allows the body to eliminate toxin and restores our health. Juicing lets the body direct energy from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system, where the body can begin to heal and detoxify.


As you cleanse your body, you are peeling away the layers and shedding old patterns as you move towards a new paradigm.  This may pertain to relationships, career, family, food choices and your faith.  It is best to eliminate the following three days before you cleanse: Animal products, refined sugar, processed foods, caffeine, nicotine, and wheat.  This way your body is prepared to be flooded with detoxify enzymes, minerals and nutrients.  Eat raw foods, whole foods, vegetables, smoothies and broths three days before you start the cleanse. Drink lots of water and herbal teas.


After the first day of your juice cleanse, the body enters a state of detoxification.  Find a good raw and certified juices to act as the cleansing agent.  The energy that was used for digestion is now working as cleaning agents and enzymes are dissolving the toxins in the body.


Fasting for several day allows the walls in the colon release of build up of plaque, allowing the body to maximize the absorption of nutrition though the walls of the intestines. At this state, you may also experience a release of toxic emotions and stored memories, and negative emotions as you build a heightened state of clarity.  When the toxins begin to leave the body, as we purify our body system.  We feel euphoric energy, release of negative emotion, increased mental capacity and feel a higher vibration.  We are now vibrating on a new level and tuned into a new state of consciousness.


Coming off from a cleanse is a critical part of the process.  The first day after the cleanse, drink juice soups and smoothies.  In the following days, do the same as you did when you prepared for the cleanse.  This way, you body goes into proper balance.


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